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Another year ends, another year starts )
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Got my blood test results back yesterday. Thyroid function fine, nerve function fine, no coeliac disease. I have referrals to gastroenterology, to the Chronic Fatigue clinic. I'll keep you posted. Probably with TMI. Otoh, I've been very well away from wheat and dairy and alcohol this week and I'm 3lbs down on Sunday's weight and am getting more done. Hurrah. And I finished (finally) the first draft of my Shed World story. Now for the rewriting and revising and editing. Ho hum, so it goes.

Yom Kippur starts at 18:04 this evening. The days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are a chance to ask for forgiveness from people I've wronged. You guys. I can't go asking HaShem for forgiveness if I haven't asked you first: the wrongs aren't his to forgive.

If there is anything you'd like me to apologise for specifically, any wrong I've done you that you want to address, any grievance you want to air, tell me. Let me know. For everything else, here goes...

For all the times I have been unkind
For all the times I haven't been a good friend
For all the times I haven't been there for you
For all the times I've ignored phonecalls and texts and emails
For all the times I've ignored comments and posts
For all the times I've said I'd be in touch and haven't
For all the times I've thought 'I'll do that later' and haven't
For all the times I've said I'd do something and haven't
For all the times I've broken arrangements with you
For all the times I've broken my promise
For all the times I've lied, actively or by omission
For all the times I've been rude or impatient or uncaring or disinterested
For all the times I've been mean and ungenerous
For all the times I've been selfish
For all the times I've hurt you or let you down
For all the times I haven't shown you the respect and love you all so very much deserve

For all these and for all the wrongs I can't even remember - I ask your forgiveness.

In the year to come, I'll do better. I promise. And when I fall down on that, you have my permission - and my fervent request - to pull me up on it.

May you be signed and sealed in the Book of Life for a happy and sweet year. May it bring you happiness and health and prosperity. Shana Tova.
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Using the user pic because I can, mmkay?

My *other* other twin! Weddings, birthdays, friends, Disney!, yada yada. )

Tomorrow's plan: write the other review and a half. Write the sequel to Last Chance for Sin. Critique writing group stories. Stuff.

This is bad. And wrong. You should watch it. So I have people to share the OMG WTF 0.o with. :)
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Because Purim is coming up in a few weeks, here's a Jewish drinking game for you all.


Edit: Here are a few updates to the rules...

My favourite comment is: "This little "joke" is the epitome of Islamaphobia; no only is it a Nuremberg Ralley Hate Crime dressed up as a "game", but it involves an activity in which devout Muslims could not engage (drinking). Typical Zionist divisive exclusionism." *snigger* Yes, I'm sorry, by passing along the links I'm also indulging in Zionist divisive exclusionism. Apologies, y'all! *chortle*

Counting down: 48 hours until we fly, a week and a half until the big day.
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Today seems to have been full of things taking longer than expected. Not in a bad way, just a touch bewildering. Cut for random stuff and a small spoiler for Stardust. )
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What I did over the weekend, or, our heroine finally confronts the evil in the attic. )

And today? Well, I got 8 done on the cryptic crossword. Must be the Right Setter. Yay!
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Christmas: or, How I Learned to Stick to Chanukah... )

Back in York, [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas and I went sales shopping. I bought: 3 pairs of pyjamas, 4 towels, a lamp and some monster furry slippers from BHS. And then we went to Monsoon, and I bought a pair of trousers. [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas bought me a silk skirt and a jacket, and the jacket wasn't even in the sale! He's so good to me, and I don't deserve him. We called into Game, and [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas got a computer game, and I did too, only mine was only £1.99, so I'm not expecting great things of it. Then we had dinner at Russell's Carvery, went home, came back into town, gave said monster slippers to [livejournal.com profile] a_crow for his birthday, saw his flat - v. envious as it's in one of the Georgian town houses on Micklegate, and it's a gorgeous building - and went out for a drink. Various folks were there, and I got to see Vicky's Peru photos, but all too soon we had to head home as we're at work today. Only... when I got home, I opened a bottle of wine and sat and watched Pretty Woman, which is still a darned good film. So I got to bed at 1:30am, rather squiffy, and though I could catch a later train into work, I'm still tired and a wee bit achey. Meh. That'll teach me... Oh, and I have done No Writing. At all. I will have to rectify this state of affairs.

So far today, I've done no work whatsoever. I suspect that state of affairs will continue until next week... *heh*
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A successful lunchtime... I exchanged the defective handbag which I bought yesterday. Let's hope this one lasts longer! And I found yes, indeed, there's an H&M in Sheffield centre, and yes, indeed, it had a really pretty dress in for £14.99 (today only), and it was even in my size. I realize everyone else may be wearing it too, but I don't care. *happy* Add to that doughnuts (Happy Chanukah!), lunch, 100 Verbatim CDs for £11.99 in Maplins and a bunch of cards to send to family, and that's me all shopped out. Well, I would have called into Forbidden Planet too, but it was full, and I was late getting back to work.

Chag Sameach!

May your days be full of latkes and sufganiyot, doughnuts and anything else deep-fried you can find. And may the increasing light day by day show you a happy year to come and be an inspiration for you through dark days.

The Biggie

Nov. 28th, 2006 02:42 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] medains has an interesting straw poll on religion. Comments are screened, but since the poll interested me enough to ramble on for quite some time in a rather incoherent way, I thought I'd post my answer here too. Since it's very personal, and not rational in any way, I'm not going to debate any of the points in it. But if anyone wants to comment, feel free. *shrug* Cut for being far too long... )
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From a portion of Torah study:

Read the pattern on a tortoise’s shell. Hear the language of the stone. See the crease in your lover’s brow whenever you say good-bye. Get to know the quiet metronome of your own steady rhythm. The eyes of your eyes shall see, and the ears of your ears shall know, a wellspring of goodness is right at your feet.

Yes. What she said. May this day be for a blessing on all of you. Make it a great day.
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I brought healthy yummy lunch stuff to work, and some apples, a pear and a banana. So why I *had* to pick up a mint aero and a dark chocolate twix after popping out to the bank this lunchtime, I don't know. The aero was very tasty, though...

Weekend adventures; no Torchwood spoilers, but far too long. )
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Many and varied things lie herein: the weekend, friends, my proselytism, Disney Land, dressmaking, yada yada yada *deep breath* ) And of course, the most important thing is that I've finally used YouTube for its rightful purpose. Which is watching Depeche Mode videos. I may never get any work done again! lol
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Happy New Year to you all - it's 5767! May you all have a good and sweet year.

It may be a Monday, but at least it's notas bad as this. ;-)
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Happy belated birthday, [livejournal.com profile] paul_marks and [livejournal.com profile] ant_girl!

Gaming, POTC II and Tewkesbury )

So all in all, a good weekend. I hope [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas gets better soon and doesn't give me his lurgy.

Writing: Pages edited -
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Edits on computer -
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A link for you, from someone on my f-list: Superhero for a Day

So, the weekend was busy. Friday night was [livejournal.com profile] gaxx's game, and we're still not dead, so that's good. Saturday, I went to shul, got a lift back to York, did lots of shopping (thanks to Adam for the rescue) and did a pile of tidying up before heading to VJs for [livejournal.com profile] greynolds 30th birthday bash. There were lots of friends there, a pile of monkeys, and it was very, very hot and humid. Sunday, I did a lot more tidying and cleaning and suchlike, and then it was my belated birthday barbeque.

Thanks to everyone who came by - there were a lot of you through the afternoon, undaunted by the showers. A goodly bit of barbequing was done, and charred stuff was eaten by all. Special thanks go to Woody & Sarah and Al & Charly for supplying supplemental barbeques, to the latter for bringing more garlic bread, and to Charlotte for making a wonderful pavlova, which went down very well indeed, mentioning no [livejournal.com profile] evie_petrols in particular... *grin* I had a wonderful time, and drank too much nice wine, and ate too much, and talked lots and listened lots and kept wandering in and out of the house, and all in all, it was a brilliant day.

Of course, at 2am I woke up with a stonking headache and couldn't get back to sleep, so stayed home yesterday doing not very much at all. I did think 'ooh, I could get some writing done', and then my brain shut down utterly, so I watched a disk of Red Dwarf 8 and the 2-parter Dr Who which Nick had taped. You know, I'm getting an awful lot more fond of David Tennant as the Doctor: I suspect I could quite happily have had a crush on him had he been the Doctor instead of Sylvester McCoy (the only Doctor around when I was the right age for such unseemliness). And yes, 'never mistake that for nice'...

So, a question for you all: Who's your favourite Doctor Who?


Jun. 8th, 2006 03:12 pm
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Thanks to all for birthday wishes, and thank you very much for presents and cards. It's very kind!

Birthdays and almost relatives and mountains and stuff )

In case anyone is wondering, I'm now 21 again. Give or take 10 years. (Hint: I'm not 11...)
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Happy Passover, folks! And just to get you in the right frame of mind, here's Matzo Man!

For those who don't know, when Passover comes around, Jews aren't allowed to eat anything containing the fermented products of wheat, oats, barley, spelt or rye. In order not to inadvertantly eat anything like that, there's a ban on eating anything with those grains in, unless it's matzoh which is Kosher le Pesach - Kosher for Passover. That means that the grain has been harvested and ground into flour and baked under supervision, so that you can be sure it hasn't come into contact with any water and so started to ferment. In order not to contaminate food with little bits of those grains which are left in the house ('chametz'), you're supposed to clean the house thoroughly from top to bottom, and preferably use a separate set of cutlery, crockery, pans, etc, which are only used during Passover. You're also supposed to get rid of anything made with those grains. Anyway, you're allowed to 'sell' your chametz to non-Jews for the duration of Passover. All of this is a long-winded way of pointing you all at this auction, which is someone's great way of selling off their chametz for charity. Not bad for stale crumbs!

And for the rest of you, Happy Chocolate FestivalEaster!
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I went to see Depeche Mode last night at the Manchester Evening News arena with [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas (despite his poorly stomach - he hadn't eaten all day, I think) and [livejournal.com profile] greynolds. Wow! They were amazing! Despite having standing tickets, so not being able to see all that much, they were really on top form. Dave Gahan is still my favourite front-man ever, and Martin looked like he had a crow sitting on his shoulder, plus was wearing what looked like a knitted bonnet-style hat with a large black mohican on it for the first umpty songs. Yay! They sounded *so* good! I'm hoping they do a live album, or video, or somesuch, because they rocked! They'd rearranged some old songs, made them punchier - *almost* moshable to, in places! lol The set was great: they had large video screens that would occasionally rearrange themselves. They had a mix of video and live camera feed up throughout. Including, at one memorable point towards the very end of the show, two screens showing members of the audience. One was a guy, laughing. The other was a blonde wearing a lycra dress, who (when she noticed she was on screen) gasped, and seemed a bit offended when the cameraman zoomed right in on her cleavage. Then she joined in and *ahem* manipulated her breasts. The band did seem to wonder why attention was diverted away from the music for a minute... *chortle*

Anyway, I had a fantastic evening. Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] greynolds for driving us home. We got home at 1:30 ish - I had some sleep in the car, so I'm not *completely* dead today - just running on slow.

Anyway, I have a website downloads section to restructure, so have a great day, y'all, and shabbat shalom for this evening.

Oh, and if you're reading this, and you're Jewish, and you haven't already, be aware that the deadline for registering to vote in the 2006 World Zionist Congress Elections is next Monday, 3 April 2006. Hop on over to register now at www.zionistelections.co.uk and vote (preferably for the Pro-Zion slate of candidates) today. Make sure we don't get left out this time!
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Two links for you all. Read this article by David Aaronavitch, entitled ''Whoever insults the One True Church deserves to be killed' (News Report)'. It's brilliant.

And, following the cartoon furore, what with the Danish cartoons, then the Iranian anti-semitic cartoon competition, here's the Jewish anti-semitic cartoon competition.

“We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!” said Sandy “No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”


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