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Your scheduled dose of wtf: )

The state of my inbox: around 65 emails
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On Saturday, I got to see my godson, his shiny new sister and his parents on Saturday, which was ace, even if all the frogs and frogspawn seem mysteriously to have vanished from the pond. On Sunday, I met up with my older sister and her mum and step-dad over at Lotherton Hall and got to go round the bird garden and see an Andean condor, a hornbill and some rheas, among many other birds, then went home and played D&D. And yesterday I couldn't get my brain into gear at all, spent an out-of-focus day on the sofa with some SG-1 fanfic, and in the evening, cut for being a bit depressing )

I didn't sleep well over the long weekend, least of all last night. I'm tired and I'm shaky and I'm going to be out of touch for a while, in all probability. Hopefully I'll get my batteries charged this week and be back in the saddle again soon.
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I went to see Waiting For Godot this afternoon, along with [livejournal.com profile] kissmeforlonger, [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas, [livejournal.com profile] alasdair1076, Kate and my mum. Also in the audience, [livejournal.com profile] o_faolain and Claire.

The cast:

Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, Simon Callow, Ronald Pickup.

Holy crap, that was a good performance! To those of you who didn't want to come see it because Waiting For Godot is Just Too Depressing, this was the least depressing version I've ever seen. There was a lot of comedy, a lot of laughter. Even, dare I say it, hope.

It's left my head in an odd place, though, and when I came out of the theatre, I was so myopic I didn't even spot [livejournal.com profile] o_faolain standing all of 3 feet away. So sorry! *hugs* It took a pot full of jasmine tea and a plate of chicken fried rice at Heihei just down the hill (and incidentally a conversation about which films would or wouldn't be improved by the addition of a giant squid - the oddest, possibly Ghandi. Or Zulu...) before my head had settled down a bit.

Newcastle isn't that far away, but given a 180-mile round trip, all I'm good for now is the sofa, some wine, and possibly Castle. Or Dollhouse. It's a beautiful evening, and this has been another amazing theatre performance to remember and tell my kids about. Or my twin's kids, if she has them. Or just random people on the bus when I'm a crazy old lady. But still. I should go. But I can't go. Why can't I go? I'm waiting for Godot. :)
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If I'm a bit quiet on LJ right now, it's not that I've decided you all smell, no, I'm just a bit busy right now. Nothing too interesting - just work, housework, etc.

The past few days... )


Nov. 4th, 2008 06:26 am
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So it turns out that sleep is for... people who don't wake up at ten to two and then fail miserably to get back to sleep.

Today is going to be interesting. Just saying.*

Still intending on G.E.D. stuff, going to writing group this evening, etc.

*roughly translated, this means: if I'm grumpy - and you betcha I will be - it's not personal.
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So I'm up.

It's one of life's cruel ironies that CFS also includes bouts of insomnia. I had a couple of hours' sleep last night, then woke up. My feet were hot. I needed a drink. You know, the usual stuff which makes for wriggly, restless, long, awake nights. And I dozed, and [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas snored, and I came downstairs and got a bit more sleep on the sofa.



*not impressed*

I'm going back to my slushpiles until I've woken up enough to start writing. I have tea.

Oh, on the plus side? I worked out how to remodel the downstairs. I tells ya, my brain on sleep deprivation? Is awesome.


Weight: Don't know, don't care. Exercise: !!! Alcohol: Not at this time in the morning, thanks. Tea: intravenous.
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So today I finally fell over. I was in bed by 10pm, and mostly slept through okay. Still with the weird dreams, but hey, they're all good. :) And I got up at 6:30, and went downstairs and looked in the mirror, and I still looked as though someone had punched me in the eyes. So I grabbed my phone and went back to bed, and a couple of hours later [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas called in for me. I really didn't want to take a sick day - I'm fed up of it, and if I ever do need to get another job, my sick record is really quite bad. But I didn't get up until just gone 11. Which means I had between 12 and 13 hours of sleep, and I don't look like someone thumped me. :) I'm still tired, though, and my day has not thus far involved the doing of any work at all. Ho hum. I shouldn't be off next week, though. Which is good.

So instead of any writing progress, here's a couple of things to pass along: a post on corporate Christianity and the implications thereof.

And from my sister:

Llandrindod Wells animal rescue has many cats and dogs needing good homes - all neutered.

collies and collies crosses of all ages
german shepards
king charles spaniels
jack russells and jack russell crosses
cats and lots of kittens
budgerigar, runner ducks and aylesbury ducks

contact glenys 01597 824966

If you can help, give them a call.

And if you've not seen the ad for Mercenaries 2, you really should. You can download the song for free from the official website. It's remarkably genteel.

Exercise: nothing. Weight: 150 lbs. Alcohol: 0 so far, maybe a glass of wine later make that 2 glasses of white wine, a marguerita and a pina colada.

Have a great day, y'all. Thanks for being an amazing bunch of people. Thanks for not demanding apologies for my being rubbish (socially) right now. I hope your lives are all going well, or at least are improving. And know that you do all matter to me, and I love each and every one of you.

Shabbat Shalom!
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Got off to a slower start today. Cut for the inevitable details. )

I slept on the train home. Watched Grey's Anatomy and the first few Private Practise episodes while doing a very little on Squirrels. Ate takeout. And waited while my backup was restored over [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas's laptop. Success!

Weight: 150lbs. Exercise: 24 miles on the bicycle.
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So it's gone 4pm, and I'm still in my pyjamas. This can only mean one thing - a hangover! Hurrah!

I'm not actually terribly hungover, thanks to staying in bed until past 12, but please, if anyone ever offers me raspberry vodka again, remind me to Just Say No, mkay? *grin*

Vicky's birthday party - lots of fun. Got to catch up with people, compare boobs, and talk utter bollocks (and glima). I love my friends! You guys are awesome.

The BFS pissup at the Hussar was okay. We didn't win the quiz this year, which was an [livejournal.com profile] alasdair1076 special, including a round called 'Obscureotron 5000', so I don't feel too bad about it. *grin* I got some answers in earlier rounds, and totally rocked on 3 of the 5 quotes. *heh* Should've known the others, too, but meh. *shrug* I bought a book by Allison Byrd called 'Bullrunning for Girls' which looks rather good, being a collection of horror stories.

And today the postman delivered a parcel with two copies of Lavie Tidhar's Hebrew Punk from Apex Books. Really. Which made me wonder whether in fact I'd drunk far more than I thought and had missed a day and it was actually Monday. But [livejournal.com profile] palmersperry assures me they've been introducing more flexible working because people are more likely to be in if they deliver parcels on a Sunday. :) Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading Hebrew Punk because Lavie Tidhar is a truly excellent writer. And I have a spare copy to give away.

I have watched Keeping The Faith, and it's still just as good a film as it was the first time I saw it. And I'm watching Serenity with Joss Whedon's commentary. What an amazing man he is. And not just him, it's everyone he works with. Incredible, hugely talented people. I am full of awe and respect. Very impressed. And yes, I'm still full of squee. :)
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Using the user pic because I can, mmkay?

My *other* other twin! Weddings, birthdays, friends, Disney!, yada yada. )

Tomorrow's plan: write the other review and a half. Write the sequel to Last Chance for Sin. Critique writing group stories. Stuff.

This is bad. And wrong. You should watch it. So I have people to share the OMG WTF 0.o with. :)
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I went to Forbidden Planet to pick up comics - very exciting, I know, but there's the latest Buffy! With Fray! *squee* But that wasn't it.

From there, I headed up the road to go onto the Moor to Sainsbury's, because I'm out of corn thins (wheat problem). But that wasn't it either.

At the top of the road, right by the Moor, there's a little row of bike racks. And at one of them, there was a skinny wee scrote with a big pair of bolt cutters*. And - very briefly - I thought 'I could ignore this, and in a second he'll be away'.

Then I was over the road, holding onto the bike, suggesting that maybe the bike wasn't his, and maybe we should go talk to a community support officer about it. He said it was his, in that sullen way that skinny wee scrotes have when they're lying through their back teeth, and tried to tug it out of my hand (the other one had comics in).

About then another woman twigged that maybe everything wasn't fine, and she came up and took hold of the bike, and the scrote shoved the bolt cutters inside his tracksuit top and walked briskly off down the Moor. Only it wasn't brisk, it was more that 'I ain't done nuffin' wrong, an' you can't stop me' kind of not-wanting-to-get-stopped-by-the-police walk that skinny wee scrotes have.

And I and the woman and the guy and the other woman she was with all exchanged exclamations of ZOMG! WTF?! I don't BELEEEVE it! and the woman went round to Woolworths to get a security guard, and by the time she got back with the security guard, the police had arrived.

Wow! Speedy! Er, no, they were there for something else, and I talked with them, and they radioed it in and got their CCTV guys to check - because this is on camera, hi BB, thanks for watching us - and then the kid whose bike it really was came back with his friend.

And the police have my name and my contact numbers, and I have corn thins and comics and a cup of tea and a fading shakiness in my stomach. So. That was it. Crime-fighting, and me without my mask and cape. Shucks.

* Yes, he had a large pair of bolt cutters. He could have had a knife. If I'd thought about the possible risk, maybe I'd have not confronted him. Maybe I should have shouted 'Stop! Thief!' instead. Then again, he just didn't look threatening at all, quite frankly. Just an opportunist little shite who deserves to have the snot beaten out of him be shown the error of his ways. And this kind of thing makes me so cross! If the occasion arises again, I'll probably end up doing the very same thing. Proof that I don't learn.
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This morning I travelled into work by train, as usual, on a nice, modern train. And I listened to Fort Minor playing on my iPod, through my bluetooth headphones. While doing 16th century blackwork embroidery on a 15th century linen shift. And since getting into work I've posted up part 16 of my 25th century Firefly fanfic (over on [livejournal.com profile] the_proofreader).

Sometimes, my life strikes me as improbable.

Also: I am tired. I have left my phone at home, because I no can haz cheezburgler brain. In more dire forgetfulness, my chilli chocolate is also at home, not here with me. I am distressed.

For those of you on my f-list who wish to keep track of their story submissions, here's a good, free online tracker. Also: a Waterstones story competition. Prize: a place on an Arvon Foundation writing course. *wants*

So no, I'm not getting much work done today. In fact, I'd be getting more done if I were simply at home watching tv. Ho hum, never mind.
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So, I'm busy at work. It's release week. I came in early, had lunch at my desk, documented several patches. And then. I spent the last hour writing a 1,000 word story. It's horror, which I don't normally do. It's also erotica, to an extent, which apparently I do do. And it's got an alien gigolo in it. It's also called The Whole Chicken.

Sometimes, my brain is just wrong.

Now I must put the story down and go finish some documentation. Gah. I expect I'll be sending this off to somewhere like Flash Fiction Online, or Pseudopod. But first, I'm going to terrorise my writing group. Bwa ha haa!
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Several random things...

1. Lincoln was lovely. It was rather special to be able to camp in the grounds of the castle, and I really enjoyed bimbling around in my medieval outfit, making stuff and chatting and relaxing.

2. Must make a List for packing, and also acquire a TARDIS or a larger car. Packing is Not FunTM.

3. Nice to see folks at the Theatre Royal sale. I bought all their remaining fox furs and a couple of pieces of silk. And a blouse.

4. When running round like a loony, doing mad frantic last-minute sewing and having just written a clean, postable 32,000 word fanfic novella in 2 weeks, and being in the middle of hoiking stuff out to pack into a Fiesta to go away for my first ever reenactment event, that's the time my oomph will vanish out from under me, and I will fall into the Slough of Despond AND the Pit of Despair. I love writing, but the come-down's a bitch. Also, [livejournal.com profile] alasdair1076 is wonderful and I'm extremely glad he's my best friend.

5. [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas is a truly amazing man, and is very, very hot in a doublet and hose. *fans self* Truly I am a very lucky woman! No, I have no photos. This time. Next time, though... *grin* And he is wonderful with Aspergic kids.

6. Got a lot of work to get through this week. Posting this (and Correspondence Course over on [livejournal.com profile] the_proofreader) is not getting it done. So. I may be slow to reply to comments, emails etc.

7. RIP Audrey Chapman, a very brave and fierce woman. She had a hard life, and I hope now she has some peace. I'll miss her.

8. There is no number 8. Oh well. Tumty-tumty-something... nope. Gone. *shrug*

So I shall go too. Tea break's over. Back on my head.
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My brain is mush... )

Edit: Interestingly, I took an online Aspie test to see how my brain is doing (thanks to John Scalzi). And today, I'm Aspergic. I scored 158/200 on the Aspie score, and only 98/200 on the neurotypical (non-Aspie) score. I bet if I take the quiz again at the end of next week, I'll score completely differently. Hmmm... Oh, the joys of being a Gemini, and having a brain which runs in several different configurations, making me several different people at once. What shall I wear today? Who shall I be today? Yeah... today I am an aspie and my brain is mush. How're you doing?
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Today seems to have been full of things taking longer than expected. Not in a bad way, just a touch bewildering. Cut for random stuff and a small spoiler for Stardust. )

Busy? Nah!

Oct. 18th, 2007 11:44 am
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So it's been a week since my last post. Has life been busy? Not at all! Why do you ask? )

And from that you may surmise that yes, I have oodles of free time and would love to take on some more activities to fill my long and lonely evenings...


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