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Posting three days in a row? Surely not! Today, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I finished sticking pages in the book I've written for my nephew and I trimmed the edges, so it's ready to be parcelled up to post off tomorrow morning. It's called "Where's My Tractor?", and I picked up a little board book from a charity shop, which I've very cheekily stuck my pages over.

Where's My Tractor? )

So, there's that, which is a good reason to feel accomplished, I think. Other reasons are that I got up at 11, despite falling asleep around 4am (again!), prodded the pups, visited my in-laws, did a yard pickup (3 large dogs have 3 large bottoms and leave lots of large 'presents'), went to Lidl, put away the shopping, peeled and cooked a pan of roast veg, made a pan of veg soup, fed the dogs, unstacked the dishwasher, and knitted most of a cowl. I've even made my not-unsuccessful way through today's 5 minutes of Italian and French practice (DuoLinguo really is an awesome app) and made another Kiva loan.

Cue much tiredness! In a couple of minutes I'm going to kick the dogs outside for their last wee and give them their dentastix (best tasty ever!) and go to bed, where I'm hoping I'll actually fall asleep earlier than stupid o'clock, so tomorrow I can get up and Do More StuffTM.

Here's hoping tomorrow won't be another tired day! I need to go get the Tesco shopping, post Dan's book, pay the vet bill off and pick up more Loxicom for Planck, then head round to the council offices and pay Planck's dog license renewal. There's always more to do! G'night, y'all!
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WriteCamp '09 is over. In roughly half an hour, I'll be heading out for parts north, namely Nottingham, for FantasyCon.

For anyone who's interested, my stats are: just shy of 6k words written - 1 story finished, 2 others worked on, & 3 pieces of 30 Minute Drunken Flashfic (posted over on [livejournal.com profile] the_proofreader. This isn't a huge amount for me, but it's a good start. I've also finished proofreading a novel and judged 5 entries into Hub's Bootstrap SF competition.

As for tourist-y things? I have done naaahtheeeng. Ho hum! Right, I must go rescue my pot of tea before it gets utterly stewed, since a thermos of tea is essential for a long drive. How terribly british! (It's raspberry tea.)

This evening, I'll be back with [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas. Thank goodness. And maybe, just maybe, a decent night's sleep.
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Well, not quite - I've finally uploaded a few photos, though, so I'm putting them under a cut to save bandwidth for those who aren't interested in suchlike.

This way to the photos! )

In other news (not under a cut so people don't run into the photos if they don't want to, sorry...): my bike is in the bike shop! I took it down Sheffield with me last Wednesday and dropped it off at Decathlon for its free 3-month service, expecting them to adjust the cable tension and leave it at that. Instead, it appears to have some kind of gear problem, which I'm hoping they've either fixed or replaced the gear arm (under warranty) by tomorrow so I can pick it up again. I'm starting to feel as though I have finger-of-death for bikes... Or it could be that they use cheap derailleurs...

I went to my ME course on Friday and learned about Graded Exercise Therapy. Which is how to, when my energy scores are consistent and I'm feeling as though I'm ready to start increasing the amount of, well, anything I'm doing, increase my activity level without causing an increase in my ME symptoms. Of course, since my bike's been in the shop since Wednesday, that's meant I walked home from the train station on Wednesday evening, then back in on Thursday morning and out again, then to my course at Bootham Park Hospital on Friday morning and from there into town and home again, and into town on Saturday. I got the bus home on Saturday afternoon. (I also walked into town and back on Tuesday night to the writing group, but that was because I didn't get [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas to get me a lift because he has an ear infection, which is now clearing up nicely.) So today has been spent largely on the sofa doing little more strenuous than knitting and occasionally hanging out another load of washing on the washing line, and I am tired, and my legs are a little wobbly and I'm running just a touch of a temperature. Ho hum, so it goes. I shall go to bed shortly and should be fine in the morning.

Anyway, thanks to the ME course, I have a letter, which I took to the council offices on Friday, and I filled in a form and had my photo taken and as of in a few days time, I should have a free bus pass, enabling me to travel on the local buses and not have to pay the extortionate fares. Awesome! It'll mean I can try walking into town to the station one or two mornings a week and be able to catch the bus back, thus getting a bit more exercise but not tiring myself out. Hurrah!

So, I have handouts. I'll type them up soon and post them here for anyone who's interested. Have a great week, y'all! I'm going to duck back below the parapet again.
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Has been quite busy after all. Let me tell you. No, there is too much. Let me sum up... )
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Friday was a bit of a bust. I got some more knitting done, but I woke up with ulcers where my tonsils used to be. Which was rather sore. So I left work early, went home and tidied up more of the spare room and saw Sue, Dave and India (wanolj), failed to have a D&D game, sat on the sofa and watched telly. With takeout. And wine. Hurrah!

Saturday, though, kicked ass (for G.E.D. month, that is). Not quite such a sore throat, so I got up early(ish) and went to Ikea. Where I spent a chunk of my dividend (in lieu of pay), had to get a nice man to help me put boxes on the trolley and another nice man to help me put them in the car. Which was rather full. *heh*

So Saturday's list looks like:
Fitted draught excluder to the back of the letter box.
Put legs on the huge table.
Tidied more of the spare room.
Bought and put up shelves in the kitchen.
Tidied kitchen.
Bought more shelves for the kitchen and for the hallway.
Bought curtain rail for the hallway.
Bought 3 chests of drawers for the spare room to replace the current ones.
Emptied the paper shredder

Also (but not on the list) did several loads of washing and took them to the launderette to dry, went to VJs and saw friends (yay!) and met up with [livejournal.com profile] paul_marks who is visiting while Tuesday.

Go me! *happy dance*

At some point today I intend to take and put up photos of the clothes which are going free to a good home (there are more). Would anyone like a wide 3-drawer Malmo chest of drawers (Ikea) in birch veneer? Also there's a little white 3-drawer MFI-style cheapass chest of drawers going free! I'll even drop it round to your house! As long as, yanno, that's York. Leeds, maybe. Bread machine, anyone?

Kitchen shelves! )

Right, back to drilling holes in the walls...


Nov. 5th, 2008 10:44 pm
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G.E.D. month: yesterday - finished a story, knitted more on that shawl for my mum. Today - worked on that other story, knitted more on that shawl for my mum. Tomorrow evening? With luck, getting that spare room decluttered...

We had a power cut at work yesterday for over an hour (they're digging up the roads and replacing cables) and today my work pc's usb ethernet thingy was broken, so I didn't get to do any actual work until the afternoon. By which time I couldn't be bothered since I was sloping off an hour early to go see fireworks at York Maze. With friends. Which was chilly, but fun. It didn't rain. There was annoying music and attempts at getting the crowd worked up from a local radio guy. Fortunately, our British reserve (not to mention Yorkshire taciturn sullenness) defeated him largely. *grin* Nice bonfire. :)

Going to bed now. Mmm... sleep... mmm....
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Today I have:

Written 800 words of a short story and added 600 words to the sequel to Desperate Measures.
Started clearing out a slushpile.
Started clearing out my email inbox.
Taken down the end of the bannister that was still attached to the wall, filled the holes, drilled new holes (with a trip to B&Q for a new drill bit as the old one was around half the length it used to be), and put the bannister back up.
Drilled holes in a tile and put up a shaving mirror in the bathroom.

And amongst all that I have been to work (we had a power cut), cycled home, made and eaten dinner, put the dishwasher on, emptied & refilled the dishwasher and put it back on and had a cup of tea. Now I'm finally sitting down with a bowl of apple crumble and another cup of tea. And then I'm going to bed. Because tomorrow is another G.E.D. day!
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So yesterday was my annual barbeque. [livejournal.com profile] nearly_everyone attended, and people seemed to have a great time, which makes me very happy. People didn't seem to mind me running around in circles, being unable to finish sentences, and foisting huge quantities of food onto them. People also brought their small people, who raced around and generally had a fab time and didn't fall into the pond and drown. Which is definitely a bonus.

Thank you *so* much to you all for coming! It was an awesome day, spent in the company of lots of people who I know and love. You're amazing!

I have: a fox, a red sticklebrick, a yellow pencil crayon, and a black cherokee jumper. I know who the sticklebrick belongs to - any takers for the others?

ETA:Jumper claimed! And fox claimed!

And thank you guys for the awesome selection of wool, vouchers for wool, vast quantities of truly excellent chocolate, and lush bath stuff. Truly the perfect presents! *is so happy*

You are awesome. And to the few of you who couldn't make it, you have a standing invitation to come and visit, as you should know by now. So get in touch, come visit, and we'll barbeque anyway. *grin*

In other news: today I did lots of washing, a little tidying up, and some writing. It's been my first vegging 'day off' in a long time, it feels like! And tomorrow the very last part of Correspondence Course goes up over at [livejournal.com profile] the_proofreader. So if you were waiting to read it all? Head on over in the morning and it'll be waiting for you. *grin*
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So, I'm busy at work. It's release week. I came in early, had lunch at my desk, documented several patches. And then. I spent the last hour writing a 1,000 word story. It's horror, which I don't normally do. It's also erotica, to an extent, which apparently I do do. And it's got an alien gigolo in it. It's also called The Whole Chicken.

Sometimes, my brain is just wrong.

Now I must put the story down and go finish some documentation. Gah. I expect I'll be sending this off to somewhere like Flash Fiction Online, or Pseudopod. But first, I'm going to terrorise my writing group. Bwa ha haa!
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Several random things...

1. Lincoln was lovely. It was rather special to be able to camp in the grounds of the castle, and I really enjoyed bimbling around in my medieval outfit, making stuff and chatting and relaxing.

2. Must make a List for packing, and also acquire a TARDIS or a larger car. Packing is Not FunTM.

3. Nice to see folks at the Theatre Royal sale. I bought all their remaining fox furs and a couple of pieces of silk. And a blouse.

4. When running round like a loony, doing mad frantic last-minute sewing and having just written a clean, postable 32,000 word fanfic novella in 2 weeks, and being in the middle of hoiking stuff out to pack into a Fiesta to go away for my first ever reenactment event, that's the time my oomph will vanish out from under me, and I will fall into the Slough of Despond AND the Pit of Despair. I love writing, but the come-down's a bitch. Also, [livejournal.com profile] alasdair1076 is wonderful and I'm extremely glad he's my best friend.

5. [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas is a truly amazing man, and is very, very hot in a doublet and hose. *fans self* Truly I am a very lucky woman! No, I have no photos. This time. Next time, though... *grin* And he is wonderful with Aspergic kids.

6. Got a lot of work to get through this week. Posting this (and Correspondence Course over on [livejournal.com profile] the_proofreader) is not getting it done. So. I may be slow to reply to comments, emails etc.

7. RIP Audrey Chapman, a very brave and fierce woman. She had a hard life, and I hope now she has some peace. I'll miss her.

8. There is no number 8. Oh well. Tumty-tumty-something... nope. Gone. *shrug*

So I shall go too. Tea break's over. Back on my head.
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My brain is mush... )

Edit: Interestingly, I took an online Aspie test to see how my brain is doing (thanks to John Scalzi). And today, I'm Aspergic. I scored 158/200 on the Aspie score, and only 98/200 on the neurotypical (non-Aspie) score. I bet if I take the quiz again at the end of next week, I'll score completely differently. Hmmm... Oh, the joys of being a Gemini, and having a brain which runs in several different configurations, making me several different people at once. What shall I wear today? Who shall I be today? Yeah... today I am an aspie and my brain is mush. How're you doing?
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I've had a long a difficult day.

Well, when I say long, I mean I rolled up at 10.05 for work (courtesy of points failure), went out at 12:20 for lunch (to give blood), got back at 1:50 (because it just takes that long, okay?), and left at 3:30 (to go pick up the car from the garage).

So not long and difficult at all.

Of course, there's the small matter of the 76 quid for replacing part of the car's exhaust. Meh. But for now, I'm chilling out with a glass of wine and my friends who may get around to D&D-ing any minute now.

Tomorrow, I move stuff back out of storage. And call the estate agent to take the house off the market. And go round next door to let them know and take back all the boxes of books. So tomorrow will be busy.

Just to note: the week before last, I cycled 28 miles, swam 125 lengths, went bouldering and skiing. Last week, I cycled ooh, some miles that was over 27 and less than 50, and I can't remember. This week, I've cycled 40 miles. I had 2 weeks of not drinking alcohol, and (with the exception of last weekend when [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas's brother came to visit), watched my diet. My weight's not shifted at all. I'm a tad disgruntled! Ho hum, never mind. I'm still amazing. *heh*

I've reworked 2 stories, though, and knitted a sock. Ooh, finally, D&D action! Must go blow things up...
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Just for keeping track of those things which, in theory, I should keep track of in 2007. Maybe...

Story submissions )

Stories written )

Books read, films watched, games played )


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