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Here I am on Dreamwidth, and I didn't think I'd leave LiveJournal. I mean, I've had an account there for more years than I'm comfortable admitting. And there were friends and communities and all kinds of gubbins, and it was my online home for a good long while. But then LJ got bought by the Russians and I was a little concerned, as one always is when one's home is sold out from under them, but we were promised things would be fine, nothing new to see here, move along, and life happened, and I largely stopped visiting LJ. Most of my entries now are 'My Tweets!' automagically gathered from the bosom of my Twitter account (which apparently isn't a feature here on DW, so you don't have to worry about them clogging your feed. You'll just have to head on over to Twitter if you want to see what I'm tweeting. Largely, at the mo, stuff to do with the Stanley Cup playoffs and how the Pittsburgh Penguins are awesomeTM).

But then a short while ago, LJ announced new terms and conditions: accounts now fall under Russian legal jurisdiction.

And holy crap, under their laws I am a serious criminal and should be in a prison somewhere unpleasant for spreading homosexual propaganda. By which I mean I am bisexual and read (and sometimes write) explicit gay fanfic. And Russia is so very, very backwards - openly and massively bigoted and, it seems, actively complicit in encouraging hate crime against those it considers deviants and their allies. So I couldn't stay.

I won't risk being criminalised by another country's ridiculous outdated homophobia.

I won't support by my presence a site which is in favour of said homophobia.

So my accounts are here, now, and I've deleted them off LiveJournal. It's a shame it's come to this - but having said that, I really do hope many more people vote with their (online) feet and walk away from LiveJournal. Unless, of course, they actually agree with Russia's stance on LGBTQ issues and have no problem with state-sanctioned torture and murder. In which case they can stay right there where the rest of us can keep an eye on them and their indefensible bigotry. And in the end, all I have to say is fuck you, Mr Putin, and the gayhate horse you rode in on.


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