Jan. 2nd, 2015 09:54 pm
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I got almost 6 hours of unbroken sleep last night, more than I've had in a while. Slow start after everything yesterday, so of course we decided to go back to IKEA and get another one of those dog day beds. Hence more driving, lifting heavy boxes, picking up a carry out from the Chinese Court in Antrim, a bit of a row, flatpack-fu, furniture rearranging, general tidying and lots more hoovering and now I am stretched out on my day bed with Newton dozing beside me, Dante asleep on the floor on the other side of me, and there's the sound of snoring coming from the other room. I could just doze off myself, but if I do that I'll wake up in a bit and not get to sleep tonight, meh.

I have another fox cowl to finish, and Absolute 80s radio playing in the background, so I reckon that'll do me for the rest of the evening.

Another photo )

Writing done: a very little, but at least it's some. Wine drunk: none, hurrah!

Tomorrow I shall do some tidying and some writing and generally take things easy - I'm overdue a reaction day and as I'm overtired right now I think tomorrow's it, oh well.
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I meant to type this up earlier and start the year off right by posting on the 1st, but alas, time has fled like a fleeing thing and it's after midnight. So, belatedly, happy 2015 everyone. To be fair, I've been busy, but I'm also several boards further along in Mahjong Towers, which is the crackiest crack to hit my brain so far this year. Eh.

Rambling and photos ahead, enter at your peril! )
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Yeah, so, a day... Got up early(ish), with my alarm, which is a win. Fished out my lady epilator torture device and attempted to deforest my legs; one leg and a stripe later, it ran out of power, so the rest of the deforesting will have to wait for tomorrow morning. Showered, dressed, sorted out the pups with breakfast, medicine and munchies, and their daily unspeakables (eggs - great for their coats and energy levels, but unspeakable because they make Jerry want to vomit).

Anyway, so, it's been a day of doing chores; laundry (folding and putting away and washing and hanging up to dry), yard pickup (yech), shopping (Lidl and Asda, and putting away, which involved cleaning the fridge that's in the barn), cooking (for us and for the dogs), dishes (well, stacking, running and unstacking the dishwasher twice - can't really call it doing the dishes if I only handwashed the cast iron skillet and gave a casserole dish a scrub over to get the last trace of bits out that the dishwasher missed). I boiled up the bones from a chicken we had over the weekend, and the last of the meat, the bones and the stock went into the dogs' dinners. I peeled and chopped and fished out my food processor and the end result was a pan of roast veg (I forgot to put in garlic! And I got more garlic specially! Bummer!) and a large bowl of coleslaw. Jerry cooked up the steak I picked up reduced at Asda. Much to the pups' disgust, we ate it all! Well, the meat, anyway. They had bread and dripping. Nom nom!

So, yeah, a day of doing stuff. I'm still keeping up with my language practise, but the Italian is onto possessives and I found it really hard - bit of brain fade, I think. On to bed and much sleeping and an easy day tomorrow, in which I'm hoping I'll get chance to play around with Paper and do some more illustrations for Where's My Tractor. Sleep well, y'all!
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Yesterday's day of tiredness seems to have given way to general tiredness from not getting to sleep until 3am (better than the start of the week, hurrah!) and being woken up by a phone call from the Jobs and Benefits Centre. A very nice lady put up with my morning lack of brain and explained there's been an overpayment of Income Support, which she's trying to sort out so I'll know just how much I have to pay back either in a lump sum (ha!) or with a deduction from my IS (it'll be option 2, thanks). So we'll have even less coming in, but hey, it's spring officially and my father-in-law's vegetable patch is open for raiding by me (I usually give it a good weed while I'm pulling a couple of spring onions or a lettuce, or whatever). I'd set the dogs to catching their own dinner, but I'm afraid they'd ignore the rabbits (there's mixamatosis in the population, sadly) in favour of nearby sheep, chicken and cows. Doh!

After that early start (I'm working my way back to getting up by 7am, honestly!), my day was brightened by hearing Warren Zevron's Werewolves of London on the radio as I grabbed a shower - gave me the impetus to wrap up my nephew's birthday presents, then head out on my loop of many errands. Planck's dog license is renewed; I've paid the vet's bill and picked up more Loxicom and spoken to John the Awesome Vet about getting Planck his hip replacement surgery; got coal from the general merchant's; posted Dan's parcel; called by the bank; got the rest of the food shopping from Poundstretcher (dog munchies) and Tesco (gluten-free and dairy-free me munchies) and even picked up some free low-fat fries from Burger King for Jerry (today only, apparently, if your local BK's one of the franchises doing them).

The shopping is all away, the dogs have their stuffed bones (Newton's finished licking out his and is sitting behind me on my chair, watching the garden through the window to make sure nothing needs barking at), Jerry's had his fries and I've had a cuppa. That's probably me done for the rest of the day, but it's always possible I might actually get a little fiction writing done, woohoo! Or I could go look into how to turn Where's My Tractor into an e-book so I can email that to my sister. Or I could finish off that last winter-weight cowl for Uncle Ken and start on the summer lace-weight silk/wool mix cowls for the family...

Gosh, the possibilites are endless! Or something. Yes, well, I think I'd better quit while I'm ahead, don't you? Have a fantastic weekend, peeps.

Newton and selfie... )
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Bit of an update... )

A plug: if you're after anything in classical or jazz music, please consider ordering through/purchasing from the Lamb CD shop on Micklegate in York. It's an independent music shop, it's struggling to stay in business, and it used to be one of the largest classical and jazz music shops in the country. If you're after a specific recording, even if it's been deleted, chances are they may have it, and it'll be available at its usual cd price rather than the 'it's deleted so we'll hike the price up to 60 quid' which Amazon have a habit of charging.

Another plug: if you have a special event coming up, need decorations for cakes or buns, consider ordering them from Anita's Sugarcraft. Anita makes all the decorations by hand, to order. She's a friend, and she's very talented.

Last plug: if you're in need of any games, dice, rpg stuff, go visit Jorvik Games. It's run by a couple of friends of mine, who will post stuff out to you, arrange to meet up with you to hand things over, or even hand-deliver items (in York, that is).

Keep the economy going! Go forth and buy stuff!
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If I'm a bit quiet on LJ right now, it's not that I've decided you all smell, no, I'm just a bit busy right now. Nothing too interesting - just work, housework, etc.

The past few days... )
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Has been quite busy after all. Let me tell you. No, there is too much. Let me sum up... )
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Happy Jesus Year, [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas! Happy Birthday, Kate! Belated happies to [livejournal.com profile] thirstypixel!

Running at 38rpm; the weekend; a fanvid. )
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Friday was a bit of a bust. I got some more knitting done, but I woke up with ulcers where my tonsils used to be. Which was rather sore. So I left work early, went home and tidied up more of the spare room and saw Sue, Dave and India (wanolj), failed to have a D&D game, sat on the sofa and watched telly. With takeout. And wine. Hurrah!

Saturday, though, kicked ass (for G.E.D. month, that is). Not quite such a sore throat, so I got up early(ish) and went to Ikea. Where I spent a chunk of my dividend (in lieu of pay), had to get a nice man to help me put boxes on the trolley and another nice man to help me put them in the car. Which was rather full. *heh*

So Saturday's list looks like:
Fitted draught excluder to the back of the letter box.
Put legs on the huge table.
Tidied more of the spare room.
Bought and put up shelves in the kitchen.
Tidied kitchen.
Bought more shelves for the kitchen and for the hallway.
Bought curtain rail for the hallway.
Bought 3 chests of drawers for the spare room to replace the current ones.
Emptied the paper shredder

Also (but not on the list) did several loads of washing and took them to the launderette to dry, went to VJs and saw friends (yay!) and met up with [livejournal.com profile] paul_marks who is visiting while Tuesday.

Go me! *happy dance*

At some point today I intend to take and put up photos of the clothes which are going free to a good home (there are more). Would anyone like a wide 3-drawer Malmo chest of drawers (Ikea) in birch veneer? Also there's a little white 3-drawer MFI-style cheapass chest of drawers going free! I'll even drop it round to your house! As long as, yanno, that's York. Leeds, maybe. Bread machine, anyone?

Kitchen shelves! )

Right, back to drilling holes in the walls...

GED month

Nov. 2nd, 2008 09:09 pm
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From [livejournal.com profile] kyryn: November is G.E.D. Month! Which stands for 'Get 'Er Done' month. I am hereby signing up.

Since I got home on Friday I have:

  • done 6? 7? loads of washing and visited the laundrette twice to get it all dried*
  • done a 'proper' shop at Morrisons (and gone back twice to get 'just a couple more things' I forgot
  • cooked up a monster batch of lamb stew
  • cooked up a large batch of bolognese sauce
  • finally cooked up the bag of apples my sister gave me into apple sauce (eaten by [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas), a crumble and a pie
  • cleaned out and cleaned the fridge
  • cleaned out the main food cupboard
  • started work on the Pseudopod slushpile

Which I think is a pretty good start to G.E.D. month. Hurrah! I'm taking a leaf out of [livejournal.com profile] kyryn's book lj and planning on working on one thing every day. I'll be putting up a post-dated post with The List, which I'll mark up so I can keep track of what I do. Everything may not get finished, but at least it'll get worked on. Maybe I'll be so busy I'll forget just how grey, cold and depressing November is. Meh.

[livejournal.com profile] ravenlas and I also spent a very enjoyable (if somewhat jet-lagged) Halloween round at [livejournal.com profile] alasdair1076 and Kate's, watching suitably spooky films and Dead Set.

And tomorrow, it's back to work... *le sigh*

*Bendix launderette has awesome dryers: 11 minutes to dry 3 loads of laundry in one dryer? Wow! I think I'll be going there every week. Much, much easier than trying to find places for things to dry around the house (no radiators).

ETA: The List is up. Feel free to come round and give me a hand. Or shout encouragement. Or throw things. Your choice... Yes, you can vote on what you'd like me to do next, but I reserve the right to do something else instead. :)
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So the month is almost over. My aim was to finish editing Squirrels in Space. Have I done it? Nope. Bah. But I've got a lot further with Shed World and made some writing contacts, and despite the tiredness, I haven't had complete brain fade, which is nice. I've also written a dark piece of fanfic, which has (I think) very effective misdirection in it while also sticking to plausible characterisation. So that's good. :) And I have tomorrow off work, so I may get more done.

Speaking of which - Shana Tova! I wish you all a happy and sweet 5769. May it bring you all health and prosperity and joy.

Health stuff and the weekend: )

The stats:

Exercise: 13.5 miles on the bike with .5kg weights on my ankles (don't ask) (8.5 miles today). Weight: 154-153 lbs. Alcohol: 2 bottles of wine.

Squirrels in Space edits: chapters - 2 of 10 fully edited; 4 of 10 rearranged, replotted, with complete synopsis and scene-by-scene breakdown of the new bits I have to write.

Shed World: 1 story abandoned at 2,500 words, rewritten from another POV to 2,600 words so far.

Fanfic: Desperate Measures, over on my [livejournal.com profile] the_proofreader lj, at 3,600 words, iirc. Part 2 to come some time later.
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I got up late, avoided talking with the Jehovah's Witnesses, wandered into town with [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas and nattered to folks in VJs. All good fun. I even got another 3 scenes of Squirrels edited - more to do. I have lapsang souchong tea from Whittard's, and I've ordered a rather spiffy pair of slide gloves for longboarding with. Must find an empty car park and go practise. It'd help if I had the oomph to walk back from town with any speed, but hey, never mind, eh? My brain's come back in part today, which is lovely. Hi, brain! *hugs* Also done a spot of laundry, refilled the bird feeders, and sat on the sofa with tea. That's about it. Oh, there were a couple of episodes of Firefly on earlier. So very, very good. (Train Job and Bushwacked)

Last night was Brett's birthday, celebrated at Fiesta Mexicana. Which was lovely, and great to see people. I suspect there may have been some cow milk in addition to coconut milk in the pina colada, though, as all of a sudden I felt very 'I've had dairy, oh dear' nauseous. Which, yes, is different from my 'I've had too much to drink' nausea. Because I hadn't. Ho hum, never mind, eh?

Weight: 150 lbs. Exercise: walked 3 ish miles. Alcohol: 0. Writing: 3 scenes of Squirrels revised.
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Today I started work on Squirrels In Space again. I intend to finish it by the end of the month. Edited. Done. It should be do-able. I have hope. I wrote a synopsis and analysed character threads. And I wrote another 500 words of Shed World. Not actually Shed World, but the shared world project that the writing group is doing. And I proofread a pile of things for Hub.

I need to do some work for work, yanno...

Also, I went to Asda, put on washing, put out washing, brought in washing, hung up washing, made lamb casserole. Well, stew, since there was too much to put in my casserole dish in the oven, and I have a bigger pan. And stir fry, so there was something to eat tonight.

I call today a win, mostly.

I have a bit of a rash on my ring finger. Allegedly, boiling my rings in a 2/1 vinegar/hydrogen peroxide solution for 15 minutes will kill anything on them. And so I wait for the rash to clear up so that I can wear my beautiful rings again.

This month is my writing month. At points I am going to become extremely anti-social, and possibly even rude and grumpy. So this is my apology before-hand: it's nothing personal. But I have to work, now, and it is going to eat my head, and then (as one of my friends said about extreme babysitting) I will lose all my social. Sorry. I still love you all.

Oh, and I can tell it's back-to-school today. Films this evening? Slither, Gattaca, White Noise 1. A programme on Wahabism. Very end-of-the-world...

Edit: Weight: 153.5 lbs. Exercise: 4 miles on the bike, 5 km on the cross-trainer. Alcohol: 0. I put a mini bottle of red wine in with the lamb, but we haven't eaten that yet. And all the alcohol will long have boiled off anyway.
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Would anyone like a freezer and a fridge? Token cash value (iirc), freezer is 6' tall, fridge is around 5' tall. Both in good working order. Freezer is also one of those that doesn't need defrosting. The catch? You have to get yourself over to Huddersfield to collect. Let me know, peeps!

Also, Mister Devey has excellent silk for sale, and will be getting a new load in some time over the next couple of weeks. For them as is curious, go here to see his ebay store. I'll be driving down to his house (West Yorkshire) some time soon if anyone wants to come along. He's a very nice man, and his silk comes from James Brindley's, but at a fraction of the price. *grin*

And now, back to my slush pile...
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So in a week which has seen my story The Whole Chicken actually published in Hub, it turns out that I've also placed another story, Transubstantiation. More details when I've confirmed I can reveal them! Woohoo!

I've started a crazy knitting project: a silk cami top. On 1.5mm needles. With no pattern. Erm... I suspect this may take some time. Or it'll end up unravelled. :)

Edit: Hub and The Whole Chicken linked to from Quasar Dragon - with a warning. *hee*

Also: why is it that burning a cd in Windoze automagically refreshes my IE windows? Because it's a) lazy, sloppy coding and b) irritating as an incredibly irritating thing and c) it's threatening to destroy my good mood. Ellen smash! FFS, M$! Do I *have* to come and beat you with a cluestick? Or should I just order in an airstrike now and save myself the trouble?

And: last Friday as I was walking to the shops on Tang Hall Lane, listening to Elbow's Starlings (Seldom Seen Kid - incidentally given the seal of approval by one of the local kids), I walked over the bridge at the climax of the song - and a flock of starlings burst into the sky, wheeling and diving. It's a synchronicity I last had as a student when, walking off-campus, I was listening to Pink Floyd's The Final Cut album, and just as a jet flies across at the start of one track, so two jets flew low overhead. The joys of being in a Forces town. *grin*

Oh, and Lush have an offer on. Spend 20 quid and get an item of their new stuff free. So I have more moisturizer (much needed, only sold in little pots, bah), some bath bombs, and a free facial moisturizer which would otherwise have cost an extra 15 quid or thereabouts. Just in case you were thinking of going there...
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Woohoo! My story The Whole Chicken is in this week's issue of Hub Magazine (issue 62). Warning: the story is both explicit and rather gross. Really. It's horror. So if that doesn't float your boat, don't read it. But I also have a book review in the issue, too, which is pretty harmless.

*runs around squeeing in circles like a headless chicken*

(Also, today I bought beautiful silk cloth at a fraction of the price from a very nice man who gets manufacturing seconds. Hurrah!
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Short notice, I know, but York Theatre Royal is having a costume and fabric sale tomorrow, 10-4. Go. Buy pretty things. You know you want to...
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Who wants a Dell XPS gaming laptop? Any spec, approx 20% discount?

A group order is going in. From the date of the order, there's 45 days to pay up. It makes life a lot easier if you're in the UK, too.

Any takers? Let me or [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas know by the middle of next week at the latest.

In other news, there really isn't any. Correspondence Course is up to 17k words. Which makes it, officially, a novelette. Sad, sad, sad. Of all the things I have to write, fanfic shouldn't be top of my list! Never mind... I felted a naalbound bag. There are still mice in the compost bin, although I'm hoping there are fewer by now.
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Well, nothing more than the smile on my face,

I am getting married in 60 days.


Ooh, and Argos are selling Acoustic Solutions 1Gb MP3 players for £9.99. I've bought one for a friend. And it's not half bad! These things have come on a very long way since I last had a generic mp3 player.

Very shortly, I shall be heading off home, trains permitting. Thanks for helping make my 2007 such a fab year. Just so's you know - it was very much appreciated, and you guys are awesome. Much love to you all. Have a fantastic New Year's Eve, peeps, and I hope that 2008 brings you a lot of what does you good, more of what makes you happy, and huge amounts of love. Also: lottery wins would be nice for you, one and all.
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My brain is mush... )

Edit: Interestingly, I took an online Aspie test to see how my brain is doing (thanks to John Scalzi). And today, I'm Aspergic. I scored 158/200 on the Aspie score, and only 98/200 on the neurotypical (non-Aspie) score. I bet if I take the quiz again at the end of next week, I'll score completely differently. Hmmm... Oh, the joys of being a Gemini, and having a brain which runs in several different configurations, making me several different people at once. What shall I wear today? Who shall I be today? Yeah... today I am an aspie and my brain is mush. How're you doing?


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