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Five things make a post...

1. The guy who tried to attack [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas was found guilty, ordered to pay compensation and court costs. I can't help but hear Margie (Fargo) tutting and saying 'All for a little bit o' money!' - well, all for a little bit o' impatience. That garage visit has cost the guy a criminal record and £360 quid. *sigh* Not his finest Sunday afternoon, I'm betting...

2. The holiday was lovely; I got a lot of knitting done and not a lot of skiing, but enjoyed myself anyway. I managed not to be too frustrated at not having the oomph to get out skiing until the Thursday. It's a waste of good ski hire, but equally, I got out eventually. I highly recommend staying in a Le Ski chalet - we were looked after brilliantly by Ben, Elise and Poppy, even to the extent of baking gluten and dairy free shortbread and flapjacks so that I had something to have for afternoon tea. Awesome! I'm going to try baking some shortbread as that was so tasty.

3. The Xbox 360 Elite wot I got for my dearly beloved for our quarter anniversary should as of today be winging its way back to Play.com (intermittent graphics fault) and we should have the replacement by the end of the week. I hope.

4. I'm still tired, still lacking in stamina, so I'm cutting right down on 'doing things'. I'm attempting to stick to a 10pm bedtime (gah!) and take a 5 minute break in every hour to sit or lie down without distraction, etc, which is harder to manage than I'd have thought, especially since I don't particularly want to. I need to conserve more energy to my HPA-axis will fix itself, but I don't want to not do *anything* at all - I need to exercise! I don't want my weight to go up any further! I'm not entirely sure how to reconcile all this, but I'm working on it.

5. Hard Times isn't as difficult as people made out. The 1951 recording of Aida with Maria Callas, Del Monaco, Taddei, Dominguez, conducted by De Fabritis, is absolutely incredible. Recorded live in Mexico City. Wow! Watchmen is visually stunning, quite slow (thus allowing for appreciation of the stunning visuals), very well done and has animated giant blue wang. So what's not to like?

I meant to put up some links to fantastic things, I really did. Maybe I'll post a five links post later...
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For those of you who feel you lack enough angst in your life, this is superb. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] alasdair1076 for passing the link along!

Another link: [livejournal.com profile] o_faolain points out something rather important for those of you who enjoy listening to live music. If you don't want to see live music disappear, go and read, then follow his link to sign the petition.

Weekend update... )

Right, enough of this lj malarkey! It's time to force-quite WinZip Pro and try again to update that pesky zip archive for work...

Oh, but before I go, I have started a new knitting project - a cashmere lace shawl... More about that later. *beam*
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Has been quite busy after all. Let me tell you. No, there is too much. Let me sum up... )
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(It's a quotation...)

There was a week in there somewhere... I'm still not back up to speed. Wednesday in particular was a day of staring into space. But hey, I was in work Thursday and Friday and actually got productive stuff done, so yanno, that's all good. And I was in bed (and heading to sleep) by 9.30. And still tired in the day. Ho hum.

Friday evening was [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas's work Xmas do. He'd spent all day trying to fix a very important server, was coming down with a cold, and had reached the very end of his patience for anything. So of course the trip into town took as long to drive as it would have to walk, thanks to an M&S van backing up traffic on the Stonebow, stupid drivers, a full carpark, parking across the other side of town and having to walk back down Micklegate and through town in the rain with all the usual Friday night idiots around. We got to the Merchant Adventurer's Hall around half an hour after the meal was supposed to start - people were actually just going upstairs to sit down. And there weren't enough places. At which point [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas had Had Enough. So we went home instead and changed into more comfortable clothes and had takeout and that was a much better evening.

Yesterday was lunch at VJs followed by some cello practise followed by an evening with Steve & Lesley (wanolj), which was filled with much nattering and some Little Big Planet (v. cool! with extra added Henry VIII! and Stephen Fry!) and SingStar (which I can't resist). It's like throwing gasoline on a flame.

Today was a very late start - got up at 11:45 - and a bit of cello practise and couple of hours seeing lots of big and little and brand new people over at [livejournal.com profile] clotilde and [livejournal.com profile] smorgasbord's and playing the cello piece I'd been practising. Which didn't go too badly. :) Then I ran away (sorry, just too tired), came home, and am curled up on the sofa playing with Garage Band, attempting to put in the piano accompaniment to the cello piece. So maybe I can play along with it. Nowhere near as good as actually having someone accompany me, but better than nothing. :)

Next week I'm off work (hurrah!) and I'm hoping to get over this bout of tired, do some writing, clear out Hub and Pseudopod's slushpiles, finish knitting 2 shawls and do some shopping for Christmas presents for people. It's also (iirc) the start of the Ikea sale, and I'll be heading over to pick up the shelving I need for the living room, so if anyone fancies flexing their diy muscles, practising their flatpack skills, I'm more than happy for you to come round. I can provide tea. And if you give me warning, biscuits and pizza and suchlike.

And we've just watched The Princess Bride. Which is Still Awesome. Yay!
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Cut for more boring detail. )
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So in a week which has seen my story The Whole Chicken actually published in Hub, it turns out that I've also placed another story, Transubstantiation. More details when I've confirmed I can reveal them! Woohoo!

I've started a crazy knitting project: a silk cami top. On 1.5mm needles. With no pattern. Erm... I suspect this may take some time. Or it'll end up unravelled. :)

Edit: Hub and The Whole Chicken linked to from Quasar Dragon - with a warning. *hee*

Also: why is it that burning a cd in Windoze automagically refreshes my IE windows? Because it's a) lazy, sloppy coding and b) irritating as an incredibly irritating thing and c) it's threatening to destroy my good mood. Ellen smash! FFS, M$! Do I *have* to come and beat you with a cluestick? Or should I just order in an airstrike now and save myself the trouble?

And: last Friday as I was walking to the shops on Tang Hall Lane, listening to Elbow's Starlings (Seldom Seen Kid - incidentally given the seal of approval by one of the local kids), I walked over the bridge at the climax of the song - and a flock of starlings burst into the sky, wheeling and diving. It's a synchronicity I last had as a student when, walking off-campus, I was listening to Pink Floyd's The Final Cut album, and just as a jet flies across at the start of one track, so two jets flew low overhead. The joys of being in a Forces town. *grin*

Oh, and Lush have an offer on. Spend 20 quid and get an item of their new stuff free. So I have more moisturizer (much needed, only sold in little pots, bah), some bath bombs, and a free facial moisturizer which would otherwise have cost an extra 15 quid or thereabouts. Just in case you were thinking of going there...
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I took [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas off to London this weekend for his birthday. Which was the weekend before, in case you were wondering. (And yes, he'd pretty much forgotten about it, and doesn't tell anyone about it.)

Details, Schmetails! )

So that was the weekend. [livejournal.com profile] alasdair1076 called me. I have Torchwood squeeeee! Awesome! Utterly, uttely awesome.

If anyone has a muppet icon I could use - you know, where they run around in circles waving their arms above their heads - that's me right now.

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No, really! Here, have a meme, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] o_faolain: Jukebox Meme )

Feel free to head on over to his lj and post answers - he's a lot better at this than I am! lol

Okay, when did I last post? Um. Friday? Oops. Well, here be a long and boring update: )

Today - work again, oddly enough. Oh, and I voted. If you have the chance to, go vote today. Even if you think it won't make any difference. It's important.

And [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas has ordered my wedding ring. *happy happy* So shiny! So sparkly! I will never get anything done ever again for being distracted by it. Well, I've got a month.

Oh, and we just need to plan a wedding... *shrug* Anyone have any ideas about running a Call of Cthulhu Murder Mystery?
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Well, I did it. I got my legs waxed. Full leg and bikini. No pictures, sorry. And it wasn't so very painful. The wax was hot, though, and that stung more. It took about 45 minutes, and cost the princely sum of £22. At least now my sisters won't laugh at me and/or be embarrassed, so worth every penny.

And when I came out (Sun Kiss, Chapel Walk, Sheffield), there was a short, round, cheerful man with a big red accordian, playing and singing loudly in a rather good tenor voice. I think he's something like Italian, though I didn't interrupt him just to ask where he was from. He seemed to be having a great time, so I gave him all my change, and called up [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas so he could listen too. Hurray for decent buskers!
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I was absolutely knackered yesterday evening. Still, I got some proofreading done, and then I read some, erm, 9th Doctor/Rose/Captain Jack slash fic, which was very funny, and intended to get to bed around 10pm. Which slipped to almost 11pm... And then, being so tired, I kept on waking up, being disturbed by my SO - not his fault, it's what I do when I'm too tired. The other thing I do when I'm too tired is... dream of zombies. Why? *shrug* I dunno! But they scare the crap out of me in my dreams, and I have to wake myself up. This time, there were people turning into zombies outside, and I was driving somewhere with someone in the passenger seat. Who was turning into a zombie, but didn't seem too aware of it at the time. I was just sitting there, thinking, please don't turn and look at me and tear my face off. *sigh*

So I woke up very, very grumpy, and did my godzilla stomp around the house until it was time to leave for work. No [livejournal.com profile] o_faolain to do the crossword on the train with today (which always cheers me up), but I think it *might* be a setter I can do a few of. ;-) I got some writing done instead. And so far today - no work, but 600 words on a story about screwing an angel. Well, the office talk afterwards. *heh*

Other things to make me grump - my bag has knocked the dodgy connection on my sennheiser headphones enough that one side's not working any more. Feh. Have to shell out for some more. The only question - do I go for another pair of the same, which aren't in-ear, but keep my ears warm while I'm cycling, or do I go for a pair of in-ear headphones?

And: BT, having had my change-of-bank-account details, and sent me a letter saying 'that's fine', have now sent me a you-haven't-paid-this-bill bill. Fuckers. I shall be shouting at them shortly.

Edit: Headphones are under a 2 year warranty and will be replaced if I post them off tomorrow. Sennheiser do a longer warranty than most electrical appliances get! V. impressed. BT summarily dealt with. Some idiot had put the letter on the system, sent off an 'everything's okay' letter, and hadn't actually bothered putting the new direct debit details in. So, hit man has been dispatched. Today, I have a shit list, and numpty's on it.

Oh, and I went out this lunchtime in the beautiful sunshine, and then dived into the basement which is TK Maxx. On emerging, blinking, into said sunshine (late for work), I now have bras which fit, a top with faux-feathery bits round the neck, and a black zip-up cardigan. I'm not nearly so grumpy.
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Christmas: or, How I Learned to Stick to Chanukah... )

Back in York, [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas and I went sales shopping. I bought: 3 pairs of pyjamas, 4 towels, a lamp and some monster furry slippers from BHS. And then we went to Monsoon, and I bought a pair of trousers. [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas bought me a silk skirt and a jacket, and the jacket wasn't even in the sale! He's so good to me, and I don't deserve him. We called into Game, and [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas got a computer game, and I did too, only mine was only £1.99, so I'm not expecting great things of it. Then we had dinner at Russell's Carvery, went home, came back into town, gave said monster slippers to [livejournal.com profile] a_crow for his birthday, saw his flat - v. envious as it's in one of the Georgian town houses on Micklegate, and it's a gorgeous building - and went out for a drink. Various folks were there, and I got to see Vicky's Peru photos, but all too soon we had to head home as we're at work today. Only... when I got home, I opened a bottle of wine and sat and watched Pretty Woman, which is still a darned good film. So I got to bed at 1:30am, rather squiffy, and though I could catch a later train into work, I'm still tired and a wee bit achey. Meh. That'll teach me... Oh, and I have done No Writing. At all. I will have to rectify this state of affairs.

So far today, I've done no work whatsoever. I suspect that state of affairs will continue until next week... *heh*
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The Helsinki Complaints Choir are really rather good, and very funny. Neil Gaiman likes them, and so do I. Go watch, and be cheered up. My favourite line is 'Our ancestors could have settled somewhere sunnier'; a sentiment I share on reflecting that I come from Huddersfield. Mind you, my recent ancestors came from the East coast, and from Birmingham, so I can see why, perhaps, Huddersfield wouldn't be so bad.

Anyway, since I didn't post yesterday or Sunday, here's how it's all going...

The attic is now decorated. The new curtains are up on the new curtain rail and neither have fallen down yet. The desk is in pieces in the old bedroom, now to be the computer room. And the bed is up in the attic, all put together and sleep-on-able. With a break for a couple of hours to go shopping (out of food) and cook up a big pot of stew and one of spag bog ([livejournal.com profile] ravenlas helped with the chopping and the shifting of stuff), that all took me from when I got up at 0830 until I staggered off to bed at 2345. And I didn't get any writing done.

Yesterday, I got up at stupid-o'clock, went to the gym, went to work, wrote a lot on the train there and back, went to my pilates class, then went through a drawer-full of post. Now I have some box files which have bills, statements, etc in. The paper recycling pile is quite high. And I have a carrier bag of post to shred, and another of window envelopes to tear the windows out of and dump on my compost heap as the recycling lot don't want them. And that took me until 2330, at which point I staggered off to bed.

Today was a repeat of yesterday, with less writing on the train. So far. Tonight is my writing group, and I have to sort through my utility bills to send to my financial coach. Hurrah...

My, life is busy! I feel in need of a lie-down...

Word count: Sunday 0, Monday 1956. (Tot: 16000-odd, should be 21671) (day 13/30)
Exercise count: Sunday - 3 miles (road bike) plus lots of shifting stuff up and down the attic stairs, which has to count for something, right? Monday - 5.8 miles (road bike) + usual 1/2 hour gym workout, + pilates class.
Alcohol count: Are you kidding? I don't have time! (That'd be a 'None', Bob...)
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Many and varied things lie herein: the weekend, friends, my proselytism, Disney Land, dressmaking, yada yada yada *deep breath* ) And of course, the most important thing is that I've finally used YouTube for its rightful purpose. Which is watching Depeche Mode videos. I may never get any work done again! lol


Aug. 7th, 2006 02:21 pm
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I'm listening to some Nina Simone today, and it strikes me that so many of the songs she's singing are about settling for the few crumbs of affection that some man is willing to throw her way. And the same applies to Billie Holiday, and probably a whole host of other songs too. Why? Obviously, on one level it's because heartbreak makes for great songs. But this isn't quite the same as heartbreak 'because my man done left me' - it's 'please be good to me, I won't ask anything of you, won't make any demands, and you can treat me as badly as you like and I'll still be here for you. Talk about Patient Griselda! It's just an invitation to men to come walk all over me - 'doormat' is printed on my forehead in large letters. I may have to go and listen to Nancy Sinatra 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' by way of contrast. Watch out - it's making me bolshie...

Not helped by waking up at 4:30am and not being able to get back to sleep. Nothing to do with you heading out to work, [livejournal.com profile] palmersperry, just the vagaries of my annoying brain.

*hand out* Lottery win please, so I don't have to go to work, so I can pay off my debts, get my brother treatment, and help out those of my family and friends who need it. And then go shopping... *heh*

I'm back!

Aug. 1st, 2006 03:47 pm
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I go away to no-internet-land (as [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas's parents' house shall henceforth be known) for a few days and what busy bunnies you lot are!

The good news first:


to [livejournal.com profile] ant_girl and [livejournal.com profile] grufti for getting engaged in what sounds like true romantic style, and also to [livejournal.com profile] evieb and Stuart on the birth of their second son, Andrew.

Edit: also Happy Yorkshire Day! from God's Own County. Where it's currently chucking down. Just before I have to go for my train. Who'da thunk it?

The bad news:

RIP David Gemmell, who passed away a couple of weeks after having a heart op.

The boring stuff: )
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and the downright ugly...

The good bits: Got a whole bunch of things finished off, ordered, emailed, etc, for work and personal things, bumped into Chris Sherington for the first time in years and got to say hello, fixing my puncture with no real problems, being over 2/3rds of the way through my book edit, managing to fit all my stuff for being away until Monday in my holdall bag. Being off work from Thursday through til Monday.

The bad bits: the train was 10 minutes late getting into York. I spent 25 minutes queueing in the travel office because the ticket I need in order to get to Manchester Airport this afternoon has fallen out of that stupid cardboard wallet they put them in at GNER stations, and is nowhere to be found. They don't reissue them. So I had to buy another. Gah! Made infinitely more galling by returning to my bike and finding it had a flat tyre, thus having to push it all the way home in the heat. Missing the bus this morning and having to carry two heavy bags all the way to the train station - my shoulders are solid. And it looks as though my iPod charger has died.

The downright ugly bits: getting covered in black gunk while fixing my puncture yesterday. It being so warm that I am all sweaty in a bad way. What I'm going to do to that charger to see if it's really dead. Having to head out this lunchtime to get [livejournal.com profile] ravenlas's cousin a wedding present. Although there's always tomorrow... Having to share a house with his parents, brother, sister-in-law and neices - including one that's only a few weeks old, especially given we can't share a room there. Meeting up with his aunt who really admires Jews for Jesus.
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Right. Life is getting busy again. Now I actually have things booked, I figure I'll let you all know what's going on.

Cut for those who don't care: )

So there you are. If you want me to be somewhere, doing whatever, it'll have to be around what's already in there. Let me know!

Now this does pose problems for actually having a Saturday birthday barbeque. So I'm thinking I'll maybe just end up having a meal this year, and anyone who wants to come along can do so. I might have a Sunday barbeque, though, which won't go on past around 10pm. Thoughts?
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Get Fuzzy...

Ladeeez shopping )

There's a charity gig on tonight at William's Bar, opposite the Oxfam on Goodramgate. It's my good friend Rob, who I've known since uni. He co-wrote 'Faust, a Musical Comedy', and other musicals, and writes songs such as 'Driller Killer'. It should be a fun evening! Please do come along if you're free this evening.

And Bert and the Shirts are playing the Old Black Swan on Peasholme this Saturday evening. They're comedy folk, and should be good too.

Finally, the police will be at York Station this evening, tagging bikes for free. This means that they'll already have a photo and the frame number when it gets nicked, and if they recover it, they'll be able to swipe the frame with a reader and check it's yours. They take the saddle off, pop the tag inside the frame, then put the saddle back on again, apparently. And it's free. Because York has the highest level of bike crime in the country, iirc.
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I had a busy weekend of much busyness. Highlights include:

VJs; Colin, Charlotte & Hugh visiting; [livejournal.com profile] clothilde's birthday party; much shopping (thanks to Sarah for the lift home with it all); much cooking; much dressmaking.

So a good time was had by, if not all, then certainly me. Tonight is salsa dancing with [livejournal.com profile] failmaster, then maybe some writing - much to do! Tomorrow is writing group.

John Otway is doing a world tour and is taking his audience with him, if anyone's feeling rich.

Closer to home, there's Bert and the Shirts ('brightly coloured' website... free mp3 download) playing the Black Swan on Peasholm Green on the 27th. I was asked to support, but due to a lack of guitarist, it looks like I'll have to say no. Still, it's nice to have been asked, and I'll still be going along, as they describe themselves as filling the middle ground between Coldplay and Chaz and Dave, so it should be a very fun evening. Oh, and I was recognised in Sainsbury's by the cashier, who'd seen me do that open mic night at Cert 18 a way back. Go me! *swelled head*


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